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Our JANUARY "Charity Of The Month" was OPPORTUNITY FOR INDEPENDENCE. Today, we gave them a check for almost $1000 thanks to our clients!

Our Super Mario themed wall is up! However, the city has already fined us so we're not sure how long it will stay up! This incredible art was done by Nicolas Collins

These wonderful animals need a home! You can contact the various rescues we post from to get information about adopting these pets.

Have you seen our new commercial? It's all in the family over here!

Hello everyone, here is a little poem for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Peter has dedicated his wall for the month of September, in honor of the organizations who dedicate their time to give back to the community. We are honored to have the San Rafael Little League, Big Brothers Big Sisters, some of the Peter Levi Plumbing family, and a local Marin artist. As as sponsor for the San Rafael Little League, Peter loves giving back to the youths in our community and wanted everyone a chance to express who they are through art.

Every year there are animals that have been abandoned and abused. According to ASPCA “7.6 million of animals are abandoned every year nationwide”. The Milo Foundation focuses on saving these animals lives and providing shelter throughout Northern California. The Milo Foundation hits close to home for us as we have employees who have adopted animals from shelters. For instance, Peter’s wife Cheyenne adopted Woody from foster care and we also have an installer named Alex who has been fostering dogs for a long time. His fiance even works at an animal shelter and Peter himself is an owner of two dogs. So you see we are all animal lovers which is why we want to focus on nonprofit organizations who dedicate their time in taking care of the animals and providing them a home. So every week you will see a post of a pet from the Milo Foundation.

On Saturday June 6th the San Rafael Little League had put together a barbecue in honor of the people who contributed in sponsoring the little league teams. Peter Levi Plumbing is one of biggest contributors to the San Rafael Blue Jays. The event was a huge success filled with baseball games, sandwiches by Pickle and great barbecue.

On April 26th we went to the Bowl for Kids Sake fundraiser to help raise money for the kids in need. I would like to thank those of you who helped donate to the cause and thank the people who came out to the fundraiser.

As you may know Peter Levi Plumbing is sponsoring the Blue Jays from the San Rafael Little League. On April 23rd Peter Levi Plumbing family came out to Glenwood Elementary School to show their support to the Blue Jays. I would like to announce that the Blue Jays won.

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