October 2017 Giveaway

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BIG BROTHERS, BIG SISTERS OF THE NORTH BAY (BBBSNB) - BBBSNB was ranked “Top Nonproft for Disadvantaged Youth” by GreatNonprofts.org and has a Gold Ratng from Guidestar. As one of over 300 independent 501© afliate organizatons of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America, we use 111 years of best practces, safety standards, training and evaluaton models that ensure positve results.

The Big Brothers, Big Sisters program is not just about academic, emotonal and fnancial supports to help disadvantaged children overcome the odds. The Program is also about developing life skills, critcal thinking, the ability to work effectvely in teams, and connectons that will facilitate fulflling careers. When Litles accept their diplomas, they enter the workforce knowing that anything is possible. Some become community leaders and many Litle alumni have come back to volunteer or work at Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Most are involved in giving back to their communites in one way or another. In fact, 84% of Litles say their Big taught them the importance of helping others.

JanuaryPhoto Credit: Pictured is an image that is part of the new BBBSNB Natonal Campaign “We’ve Got Your Sidekick.” Photo by Susan Adler.

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